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  • 2 inch by 6 foot Tree Trunk Protector
  • Has a 5,000 lb Working Load Limit (WLL)
  • Breaking strength is 20,000 lbs
  • Nylon construction provides about 25% elasticity
  • Strap is orange in color for high visibility
  • Turns a tree into a recovery point
  • Reinforced eyelets adds protection from abrasions
  • 5-year limited warranty

Going down trails in the wilderness is a pastime that many of us are daydreaming about while at work, in line at the DMV, or sitting at dinner with the in-laws. While you’re stuck anywhere but in the mud, sand, or snow, you can often use your mobile device as a way out. But when you’re out in the woods and things get a little too sticky for yours or a trail mate’s Ford Bronco, and a tree stands in between the recovering and downed vehicles, you do not want to be without essential recovery gear. Thankfully, the folks at Rugged Ridge offer their Tree Straps and other recovery gear as solutions. This tree saver strap is 2" x 6’ and has a working load limit of 5,000 lb and a breaking strength of 20,000 lb! Also available is the larger 3" x 6’ Tree Trunk Protector with a breaking strength of 30,000 lb.

Rugged Ridge provides a limited 5-year warranty on their products! Give us a call to pick up your Rugged Ridge recovery products today!

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Always purchase the appropriate rated recovery gear for your vehicle and remember to exercise safety precautions and plan out every step before engaging in every single recovery. No two recoveries are alike, and each operation requires careful planning so you can perform a safe recovery operation. If you are unsure of what capacity you need or need help selecting a pre-assembled recovery kit or building one just for you, please give our team a call or chat with us online and we will be happy to help!


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