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  • Compatible with Wheel Pros Mount and Balance Tire Package
  • TPMS sensor replacement
  • Clamp and snap in styles
  • Rubber or aluminum valve stem
  • Covers majority of vehicles
  • Aftermarket compatible
  • Works with many programming tools

Gorilla EZ-Sensor TMPS offers an easy solution to replacing your factory tpms sensors. Avoid the added hassle of retrieving the old tpms sensors from your factory wheel by including these on your next wheel and tire package. Built to out performace OE sensors with a range from 314.9mhz to 433mhz, the Gorilla EZ-Sensor TMPS connects to many applications and reduce cost of servicing TPMS equipped vehicles. Include the Gorilla EZ-Sensor TMPS with your next Wheel Pros Mount and Balance package to have these installed and programmed along with Wheel Pros wheels and Nitto, Fuel, Milestar, or Falken tires. If you are replacing your wheels and/or tires you have an opportunity to replace the old TPMS with a reliable Gorilla EZ-Sensor TMPS. These will read in all types of inclement conditions. Including extreme cold and heat. Providing your vehicle year, make, and model allows us to pre-program the sensor to your specific vehicle. Gorilla has even made these future-proof to cover new and pending OE technologies. You can also replace a single tpms sensor to work alongside your factory tpms. When replacing a tpms sensor, you will have to go through a "re-learning" process so the system can sync up with the new tpms sensor. Each vehicle make will have a different process to learn the new tpms which can be found in your vehicle user manual.

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The Gorilla EZ-Sensor TPMS must be professionally programmed and installed. When purchasing through us, the sensor will be pre-programmed to your vehicle's frequency. Follow the TPMS relearning process for your manufacturer to sync up the sensor with your vehicles TPMS system.