Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Fenders

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  • Molded specifically to replace Bronco fenders
  • Constructed from fiberglass hand-laid in America
  • Allows for larger tires without rubbing issues
  • Includes driver & passenger side front fenders
  • Paintable semi-gloss white finish
  • Comes in your choice of 2” or 5” of coverage
  • Matching rear quarter kit is sold separately here
  • Made in the USA

If you are looking for replacement fenders for your Ford Bronco, then you have come to the right place! Advanced Fiberglass Concepts created an aftermarket fiberglass fender that is molded specifically for your Bronco and allows for larger tires without any rubbing issues. The fenders are handcrafted right here in America to ensure the highest quality, durability, and craftmanship. Advanced Fiberglass Concepts uses a proprietary blend of polyester resin that is paired with their fiberglass mat and cloth. The combination of resin and fabric provide the strength and flexibility you need for off-roading. Their fenders are designed to be long-lasting even during the toughest rides and climates.

The Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Fenders include a set of two front fenders (driver and passenger side). They come in your choice of 2” or 5” of coverage. The rise will be 1” on either option. They come standard in a paintable semi-gloss white finish. Color matching services are not offered but you can go to any local body shop in your area if you want to get the fenders painted to match your factory color. The fenders are a perfect match for the rear quarter kit if you want to complete the look. A professional installation is recommended for this product. Drilling is required.

Get your Bronco off-road ready with the Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Fenders today!

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Order Notes

Non-returnable product


Advanced Fiberglass Concepts LLC does recommend that a professional installs the fenders for a seamless fit. You will need a few hand tools and a few hours of time. Also, you will reuse most of your stock hardware during this installation—it is typical to have a few screws and bolts left over.

Tools required for most install:

  • Socket set
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Screw drivers (Flat head and Phillips)
  • 120 grit sand paper (optional)
  • Metal Shears or Sawzall or Plasma Cutter

Step 1: Open hood and remove bolts holding the fender down under the hood, behind the doors, under the door areas, and behind the bumper.
(Note: not all trucks have bolts located in all the areas mentioned above)
Step 2: Remove plastic liner from fender, marker lights, and headlights.
Step 3: Remove steel fender by skinning the exterior fender from the inner shell from truck once all the bolts have been removed.
Step 4: Set fiberglass fender in its place and mark the holes that need to be drilled. (Note: Most fenders have markings where to drill, but some do not)
Step 5: Drill holes out with a 3/8 drill bit—the reason for this is so you can move the fender back and forth to align the gap in the hood and door area. To get a consistent hood and door gap, use a mixing stick between door and fender.
Step 6: Reinstall fiberglass fender and begin to bolt it down-- but do not tighten all the bolts until you have the right gap. We recommend using a mixing stick to get the same gap at the door and hood area. Once you have the gaps spaced, tighten down the bolts. Do not over tighten! The fiberglass fender will make sounds like it is cracking—this is common as it is fiberglass, so do not worry.

2021 Ford Bronco Fiberglass Install 2” Fenders, Liners, 2” Rear Quarter Kit, Ram Air Hood


Advanced Fiberglass Concepts does not offer warranty on their products due to the nature of the offroad industry. The brand is not liable for any damages or injury as a result of the use of its products.